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Immunotherapy Specialists For Environmental Allergies

Century City Allergy

Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Specialists & Board-Certified Allergist located in Century City, Los Angeles, CA

Environmental allergies can disrupt your day with a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. Marc Meth, MD, and Elizabeth Feuille, MD, at Century City Allergy in Los Angeles, California, are board-certified in allergy and immunology and specialize in all aspects of allergy care, including allergy shots and sublingual (under the tongue) drops. Book an appointment online or come in to see how much better immunotherapy can make you feel.
(Immunotherapy for food allergies is discussed under Food Allergy Services) 

Immunotherapy for environmental allergies: Q & A

What is immunotherapy?

If you frequently suffer from the effects of allergies, Drs. Marc Meth and Elizabeth Feuille offer immunotherapy, to guard against allergic reactions. Immunotherapy helps your body slowly adapt to and better tolerate the things that trigger your allergies. There are a few types of immunotherapy.

For environmental allergies, allergy shots are the most effective type of immunotherapy; sublingual drops placed under the tongue at home offer an alternative to shots.

For food allergies, oral immunotherapy (also called "desensitization") may reduce allergy symptoms with certain types of food allergies: see Food Allergy Services for more information on oral immunotherapy .

How do allergy shots work?

When your immune system encounters an allergen, which it senses as a foreign invader, your body reacts by causing symptoms like bleary eyes, coughing, sneezing, and inflammation.

When Drs. Meth and Feuille administer an allergy shot during immunotherapy, they introduces a minuscule amount of the known allergen into your bloodstream. Your body responds by producing antibodies and accommodating the intruder. The result is that you don’t experience allergic reactions when you cross paths with the allergen.

How often do I need allergy shots?

Immunotherapy works best when you get allergy shots every week for a few months. Drs. Meth and Feuille evaluate your progress and determines when you can transition to monthly treatments. While you are receiving immunotherapy, your symptoms decrease, and you begin to feel better.

What type of conditions do allergy shots help?

Immunotherapy is effective at reducing the symptoms caused by the medical conditions allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, and conjunctivitis as well as the following triggers: pet dander, pollen, insect bites, ragweed, grass, and trees.

Who benefits from immunotherapy?

Men, women, and children who have grown weary trying to manage the symptoms of their allergies are excellent candidates for the long-term relief that immunotherapy provides.

Immunotherapy is a safe procedure for allergy sufferers of all ages. Reducing your allergy symptoms improves overall well-being.

How long will it take to see results?

Immunotherapy has a cumulative effect. You begin to improve after the first few shots and get progressively better over time. You’re encouraged to continue maintenance shots to ensure the benefits continue long term.

Do you need relief from bothersome allergy symptoms? Dr. Marc Meth and Dr. Elizabeth Feuille helps people in the West Los Angeles area including Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood. Call today or book your appointment online.